November 10, 2020

The Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City is thrilled to congratulate three of our endorsed City Council candidates, Phil Brock, Christine Parra and Oscar de la Torre on their incredible, inspiring, resident-powered victory!

We also admire and thank Mario Fonda-Bonardi for his dedication and tireless service to our community.

Make no mistake, November 3rd was a political earthquake in our city. Itís hard enough to unseat one Council incumbent. Unseating three in one election is unprecedented. Itís even more amazing when you consider that our supported slate was vastly outspent.

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Elections have consequences, and we now have at least four Councilmembers (including Himmelrich) committed to giving residents a real seat at the table when discussing development issues.

Congratulations Phil, Christine and Oscar! Weíre excited to work with you to make Santa Monica work for all of us!

And again, please circulate this page to your friends and neighbors.

We did it!