July 27 2023

One down, one to go!

Thanks to all of you who wrote, called, or otherwise opposed the ongoing negotiations for the sale of the Civic Auditorium for housing or a gymnasium. Council heard us and has rejected one of the two bids to take over the Civic.

The City has now reported that “in its closed session meeting on July 25, 2023, the City Council terminated negotiations with Community Corp. of Santa Monica (CCSM).” This means the Civic will not be sold or leased to build housing.

As to the remaining school district bid that is being finalized, it will likely be discussed in early September in Council closed session.

Meanwhile, there will be talks with like-minded people about forming a group to "Save the Civic," and restore it to prominent public use.

We’ll keep you informed as to both of these important steps. T

hanks again for all you do.