February 26, 2023

Our voices were heard! This past week the Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to appeal to the State of California and amend our State-imposed Housing Element. This would allow the City to prohibit the upzoning of our neighborhood commercial districts on Main Street, Ocean Park Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and Montana Avenue.

By superseding local control, the State’s mandated housing quotas have pushed cities like ours into rapid development without regard to its serious negative impacts on existing neighborhoods, gentrification, or infrastructure.

Residents like you bombarded City Council with over 600 letters urging that the scale and character of our unique neighborhood-friendly streets be maintained, and that developers be prohibited from building five or even six-story buildings in these districts.

Thank you for responding to the call and supporting SMCLC and neighborhood groups throughout our city. Together we convinced City Council to take action. Your letters and emails will also become an important part of the appeal to be made to the State.

Kudos to our Planning Commission, spearheaded by Commissioners Nina Fresco and Leslie Lambert, for its work in saving these unique and essential districts.

As always, we will continue to monitor this issue and will report back with any new developments and need for your additional help.