November 7, 2018


Councilmember Sue Himmelrich Comes in First by a Big Margin and Term Limits Wins in a Landslide.

SMCLC endorsed only one candidate for City Council and one ballot measure in our Santa Monica election. Both won and won big.

• Sue Himmelrich finished first, well ahead of everyone else in the City Council race. Sue outpaced all three council candidates who courted and welcomed support from the pro-growth, generously developer-funded Santa Monica Forward.

• Grassroots Measure TL for Council Term Limits was opposed by powerful status-quo groups, yet it won with a stunning 74% of the vote.

Also on Tuesday, pro-development Councilmember Pam O'Connor lost her re-election bid, coming in a distant fourth. This was her first election after the scandal of her secret involvement with the firing of City employee Elizabeth Riel, for having been a supporter of SMCLC.

Over-development and Special Interest Money Were Key Factors.

As the Santa Monica Lookout News wrote:
"Development...was a determining factor in the race for three City Council seats and the resounding support for term limits."

surfsantamonica 11/7/18 election
surfsantamonica 11/7/18 OConnor
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Voters sent their message loud and clear: We want our City Hall and Councilmembers to listen to residents, control growth and not do the bidding of powerful special interests and developers.
SMCLC congratulates Sue on her impressive win and the win for Measure TL, which both Mary Marlow of the Santa Monica Transparency Project and Sue co-sponsored. Sue was the only Councilmember to support this important good governance measure for term limits. They won and we all won too.