November 3, 2014

Dear Supporter of SMCLC,

The Miramar Hotel (Ocean Avenue LLC) has been falsely and viciously attacking City Council candidate Sue Himmelrich and her family.  Sue has been a strong opponent of the Miramar’s plans for a 320-foot towering hotel and ultra-luxury condo project.

The Miramar will do and say anything to keep Sue off the City Council because she opposes its project. To date, the Miramar has spent $64,000 on just this outrageously false campaign.

Nowhere in its robocalls or mailers does the Miramar discuss the merits of Sue’s positions, mention anything about its proposed hotel, or disclose that its new hotel/condo tower must be voted on by a new City Council. The robocalls even suggest Pam O’Connor should have been SMRR’s choice!

Sue has an excellent record as a Planning Commissioner. She opposed the Hines project, is committed to controlling excessive growth and traffic, and combines intelligence and integrity with a deep love for Santa Monica. The Miramar’s attacks on her and her husband are baseless and deeply offensive.

It is more important now than ever to vote tomorrow for the three well qualified, SMCLC-endorsed candidates for City Council. Each is a strong opponent of towers on Ocean Avenue:

Sue Himmelrich

Richard McKinnon

Kevin McKeown

Let the Miramar know that scurrilous attacks will not work.

Please vote for Sue, Richard, and Kevin so that they can vote on the Miramar project when it comes before the new Council.

Thank you,

Diana, Victor, Sherrill, Jeff


NOV 3 2014